Welcome to our northern land, to the Arkhangelsk Region - the land of the white nights, the northernmost and the biggest region of Russia!

You can think - Why? There are bigger regions in Russia, and Taymyr is closer to the northern pole...Ok. Let's begin!
The territory of the Arkhangelsk region includes continental part, Nenetskiy Autonomic District (NAD), and also islands - Novaya Zemlya (Tne New Land) and Zemlya Franca-Iosifa (The Land of France-Iosiph). Zemlya Franca-Iosifa is the northernmost part of the Russian Federation. So our region is able to be called "the northernmost"!

The total area of our region is 587.4 thousand square kilometers! It is the largest of the regions (called "Oblast") in Russia. This does not include republics, autonomous regions or other districts.

To help you become acquainted with our northern land we can offer you some entertaining articles, photos, essays, interesting facts, and also information for tourists and surfers having an inquiring mind.

Unfortunately, many articles are not currently available, but we will do our best to make them so in the near future.

THE PRACTICAL GUIDE - "Life in Arkhangelsk"

The Russian North
Arkhangelsk - the capital of the Russian North (NEW!)
Malye Karely
Mudyug island
Solovetskie Ostrova (Solovetskii islands)

Tourist Information
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Leisure (cafes, restaurants and casinos)
Disappointed places
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Maps and plans
Map of the region (include northern islands and NAD)
Detailed map of central part of the region
Interactive Map of the City (comming soon)

Tales of the Life
Your impressions on our region
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